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know what a great person their mom was. >> reporter: about 6,000 law enforcement officers saluted as the memorial began at noon. james durbin sang the song arms wide open at the family's request. baker's daughter standing alongside her brother adam a santa cruz police officer read a message from a father's day card she wrote as a young girl eight years ago. >> if i had to pick one word for you it would be integrity. because though it's difficult for you to sometimes stand against the norm you do. >> reporter: the positive sentiments were echoed by many people during and after the ceremony. police estimate 8,500 people attended today's memorial here inside hp pavilion. robert handa, ktvu. >>> there were many moving images from today's memorial. but perhaps none more poignant than officer baker's son joaquin wearing her police cap. >> reporter: the gray skies and light rain seem only fitting tonight. in a sign the community is moving on. the flags here at hp pavilion have been raised after an emotional goodbye. it was quite a sight to see hundreds of law enforcement lining up in fro
the law, and one of the goals of our immigration laws is to create and provide for family unification. unfortunately, that does not currently apply to same-sex couples. federal law does not currently recognize permanent same height ~ same-second partners for [speaker not understood] law. [speaker not understood] and his or her foreign-born partner. right now those couple are not allowed to have the are department or the u.s. citizen sponsor the foreign partner to apply for immigration benefits. ~ resident and as we are trying to enact comprehensive immigration reform, it is imperative that we include every, every individual. the inability to sponsor a same-sex partner has created many problems. it has led many couples to choose to remain in a costly long distance international relationship, to choose to live abroad in the foreign partner's country so that they can be together. and if permitted, to seek a visa independent of the partnership for the partner and then go through very antiindicated and very cumbersome process to allow the person to remain in the country. ~ antiquate
outcast at 0193 or on kron4 .com. possibly it expected an attendant our law enforcement agencies across the community barry. see me as i first come, first served basis. they will start shutting down roads are around the arena there aren't signs posted a and this road will close at 730. the motorcade and recession will arrive at the 930 and 10:00. >> this is one of those things where the doors are open until that seats are filled. >> yes. a lot of seating for the community. keep in mind, they move the year because of the people they think are going to showed up at a lot of the seeds are going to be taken by law enforcement. household, if you want a parking spot your best bet is to shop early. >> we will have our coverage and screaming on our web site @ kron4 .com. -- streaming. it begins at noon and will also carry on our 247 news channel, has 193 or digital 4.2. >> a man was stabbed during a fight in san francisco's a misunderstood and early this morning. police received a report of group of people fighting around to 20 this morning on mission street about one block from the 16th s
poll on our website >>> a new state law aimed at putting the free back in free education could come at a cost. because right now 99's not really clear where the money for much needed classroom materials is supposed to be coming from. len ramirez has more. >> reporter: it is causing a lot of confusion because the state budget doesn't cover everything the students want or what the teachers want to provide. >> students in san jose are completing their art project and using expensive art supplies that the district doesn't pay for. because of a new state law students cannot be charged a fee or be required to bring supplies trouble makers home. but the supplies have to come from somewhere says this art teacher. >> this year we only had $500 for the school year compared to other schools. yesterday i bought color pencils for my art 2 class. just on that i spent $85. >> which he charged to his personal credit card and hopes for reimbursement. >> i want to make sure we are giving the kids an equal chance. that's why i will dip into my pocket.
about by bringing this conversation forum. it is not just law enforcement perspective, it is not just the community-based perspective, it is not just the research perspective, it is a multi- layered approach. first and foremost, we do have to consider meeting youth where they are act. we are talking about perpetrators of violence or what not or system involved or involved in gangs, we have to meet them where they are at. pain and hurt produces more hurt, right? what is fundamental it is addressing back pain -- addressing that pain. not looking at folks in a punitive way and saying, this guy is notorious, we have to lock him up. that person is hurting. he might have been abused, you know. first and foremost, we need to meet that individual's needs. i am pursuing a master's in social work. i have that lens. we need to heal our communities and take those answers upon ourselves. everybody has already -- we sure this in perspective, but definitely, we need to create community anchored solutions. that involves a discourse with policy makers. as people of color, we need to be accountable and
restrictive abortion law will now go in effect, the arkansas law bans most abortions after 12 weeks of pregnancy. arkansas' democratic governor vetoed the law this week saying it contradicts the united states constitution but the arkansas republican house of representatives overrode the veto following the lead by the republican senate. the aclu is promising to fight it. >> from capitol hill, a 13 hour filibuster led by kentucky senator rand paul is over. paul ended the filibuster just before 10:00 our time last night trying to delay the expected confirmation of john brennan to lead the c.i.a. he is opposed to the support of the unmanned drone policy during his filibuster, the kentucky senator received some support from republican colleagues. and 2 that hours is a last talking in the morning. >> and we get to divide up the talking. >> and now, the showers today. >> it is important. people want to know if they are going to get wet and how the commute. be, and you can see a wall of water coming at us from the west. so, most of us this morning are going to get through our commute dry. a
president bill clinton has had a change of heart about a marriage bill that he signed into law. let's take a live look outside, this is one accrete. isn't shaping up to be a decent day out there. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. in a rare move president bill clinton changed his mind about a lot that he approved. clinton says he has had a change of heart. >> in a rare move
on that tomorrow. more than 200 law enforcement vehicles will join that motorcade for the 33-mile journey to honor those fall en soldiers. i want to show you how it looks. begins at the boardwalk parking lot on third and beach streets in santa cruz. it will had head up third along the river to san lorenzo boulevard to highway 17. from there highway 85 to highway 87 exiting on julian and arriving at hp pavilion. now there will be rolling road closures along the route. the service begins at noon and you can also watch it in its entirety live here on nbc bay area. >>> the san jose city council is looking for ways to pay for road repairs and maintenance. the answer might be new taxes. nearly a quarter of san jose's streets are in poor condition. budget shortfalls cause roads to be less of a priority and the problem is only getting worse. the city's transportation director says roads across the entire city will only get worse if something isn't done. the seas is considering a few options including taxes and even a street repair bond measure. >> they made it to the 50 yard line with bay area power broke
. >> we are learning more about how the united states caught the son-in-law of bin laden. the 47-year-old plead not guilty in a manhattan court yesterday to the charge of conspiracy to kill americans. he said little beyond a few one word replies. investigators say the united states had been tracking him even before 9/11 1. officials say they believe that he had been hiding in iran and turkey. he was being deported when authorities intercepted him in jordon last week and then brought him to the united states. >>> a man has pleaded not guilty to charges of trying to blow up an oakland bank with a car bomb. the 28-year-old is charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. the bomb was a fake provided by undercover agents. his lawyer said his client has mental illness but is still competent to stand trial. he is due back in court next movement. >> the driver accused of killing a student pleaded not guilty to manslaughter and dui charges. the 28-year-old appeared in court yesterday. he is a accused of hitting and killing a teen as she crossed the road. prosecutors say she di
-sex marriage calling on the supreme court to overturn the law he signed in 1996 that bars federal recognition of same-sex marriage. he now is saying that the defense of marriage act is incompatible with the constitution. he writes in a william -- "washington post" op-ed he signed the law because other legislation would have been worse. >> another bush family member is showing interest in the white house, and jeb one is saying he could be interested in a presidential run in 2016. the younger brother former president george bush and son of former president george h.w. bush. he has been promoting a book on immigration reform and urging republicans to expand their vote are base. >> a new report shows that 20,000 illegal immigrants headed to college are applying for financial aid under the dream act for the first time. the new law allows students to get help regardless of their immigration status. our media partner, the "san jose mercury news" reporters they expect to award $19.5 million in grants to the dream act students. here in the bay area, for example, san jose state has already given campus
ideas that will be coming out of a conference today. we have experts from law enforcement. we have experts from committed to groups. we have people from all around the country, all around the world that will be here to share many of those ideas. i know at the end of the conference everyone will leave feeling more empowered. you will learn ideas that you can go back and share in your communities. also today we will be having a press conference at around 11:30 also. and the press conference is i think one that will focus on many of the areas that we struggle. in san francisco we struggle a lot in the courthouses in terms of how to deal with vandals. sometimes in many cases they get community service. as you heard me say earlier it is the same people who are coming through 3, 4, 5 times and still doing community service. will be pushing for stiffer fines; will work closer with the judges. graffiti is a quality-of-life issue. it used to be low on the totem pole. in san francisco it is the second highest number of calls we get in terms of quality of life. the first being street clea
that state law provides. it will include all the services that one would expect this that kind of hospital and it will be a center of excellence that will provide specialties so that the hospital is successful and can attract the right mix of patients for purposes of profitability. so, i am confident that this hospital will be successful. and to ensure that success, one of the things that is also included in the deal is the possibility and, in fact, the very real -- the reality of building a medical office building. under the agreement, cpmc has the option of developing a medical office building or using the existing facility for a medical office building purpose. if they fail to exercise that, the city and county of san francisco can step in and actually build the medical office building. you cannot have a successful hospital unless you have a place where doctors can go and practice and have offices, and that's the point of this agreement. a very important component of this deal is also the issue of affordable housing. and i know that this is something that all of my colleagues care deepl
for all members of law enforcement. there is a caltrain stop across the street from h.p. pavilion. well carry the service live from h.p. pavilion on abc7 news today starting at midday at 11:00 on our news. we will stream it at >> memorial bracelets are available to the public in honor of the fallen officers. each bracelet has a tag with an engraving of sergeant i baker and detective butler's badge numbers at $15 each. a portion of the proceeds are coe natured to the memorial fund. go to our website to purchase a bracelet. click on oh sigh it on tv i." >> this morning, investigators are working to find out why a lion killed an intern at an exotic animal park and why the young woman was even in the big cat'sen closure. kira klapper has new information from the newsroom. >> we learned the victim, 24-year-old, was just two months into an internship at the sanctuary. she was mailed by a lion yesterday. we have part of the 9-1-1 call that followed the death of the intern and the lion. >> animal is contained to the enclosure. the lion has been taken care of. >> police say around
to san jose. law enforcement, firefighters and other emergency responders participated in the board a 3 mi. long ride which ended at h.p. pavilion where the memorial service was tail. you can watch the entire federal service online at . coming up later in the newscasts' former defense secretary leon panetta will be speaking at a memorial and how he is blaming the military for the death of the two santa cruz officers. >> we will be right back. >> welcome back. we are keeping an eye on wall street this morning. the dow, nasdaq and s&p are all up on good news in the job market. >> u.s. employers added 236,000 jobs to their payrolls last month. and the unemployment rate was pushed down to 7.7% from 7.9% in january. that is the lowest in four years. the dow, s&p, and nasdaq are all treading positive this morning. >> the time is 6:09 a.m.. a man who had been reported missing was found stabbed to death in his san jose apartment. a family member identified the body and 69 year-old stanley jacobson. jacobsen, who suffered from dementia went missing in early february. police say, that a
after he tried to blow up that phony bomb. leneza is due back in court in april. >>> the son-in-law of osama bin laden appeared in federal circuit court. . sulaiman bu ghaith pled not guilty to try to kill americans. bu ghaith is believed to be involved more in -- >>> a man's body was found this afternoon near the golden gate bridge in san francisco. the park police were called to marshall beach shortly before 1:00 today. they said they found the body of an adult man. police tell us the man's body was fully clothed. >>> damage from a fire at a popular restaurant is estimated at $22,000. most of the damage is to the building's front porch. the owner spoke about the support she's already received from close by businesses. >> it certainly touches me deeply. i care about this neighborhood and businesses. it's just our 41st year and i -- >> reporter: waters says she hopes to have the upstairs cafe open in as little as a week. she says it is going to take longer to repair the smoke and water damage suffered by the downstairs restaurant. >>> noelle walker is live with more on how chez pani
. a son-in-law of osama bin laden is set to appear in a new york courtroom less than two hours from now. sulaiman abu ghaith is expected to face terror-related charges. the justice department announced yesterday he was arrested in jordan last week. abu ghaith is considered a top kite kite operative and served as a spokesman for bin laden. >> he is not a big fish. but he's not a little fish. you know, when you catch these guys, they may lead you to the bigger fish. >> south carolina senator lindsey graham and other republicans are criticizing the obama administration saying abu ghaith should be at guantanamo bay, not in a u.s. federal court. >>> 34 and 8, oh, my god, this is the one. >> striking it rich. a bay area man wins the $33 million jackpot. kpix 5 is there as he claims the prize. >> they know that i don't know how to snowboard. >> i don't think that's what this is about. >> a tahoe resort's ceo teaming up with an olympic skier. johnnie mosley is here to talk about the undercover adventure. more coming up. well, well, well. growing up, we didn'
. the only ones that would have guns would be the government and of course criminals who ignore gun laws. i call it the mexico model. guns are outlawed in mexico. the citizens cannot possess guns. there is no second amendment. so the government has guns and criminals have guns. some of those criminals have guns thanks in part to the united states government sending 2,000 assault weapons to them in fast and furious. but that's another story. u.s. cities are moving toward the mexico model. chicago and washington, d.c., have laws that make it very difficult for a citizen to exercise the second amendment. these cities make it difficult to even own a firearm, but all three places -- mexico, chicago, washington, d.c. -- all have a reputation of violent, unsafe places. why? because they are. in d.c., if d.c. was so safe, why are government guards everywhere in the city? even here in this capitol building there are armed guards on the roof, at the doors, at the back doors, at the doors over to the east and to the west. it's hypocritical of the gun control crowd in this chamber to say more guns for
this morning bin laden's son-in-law has plead not guilty to terrorism charges in a new york city federal court. aa prosecutor said that he has given an extensive statement to united states officials after his arrest. the court appearance happens after he was captured in jordon this week and secretly moved to new york. some republicans oppose holding the hearing in new york and say he this should be at gitmo. they say he was a spokesman for al-qaeda. >>> the south african detective who was remove from the oscar pistorius investigation said he has resigned from the police force due to personal reasons. the officer stepped down from the force yesterday. he was the first on the scene for the shooting that killed pistorius's girlfriend. he is a accused of mixing up important facts in the investigation. it also came out that he faces attempted murder charges himself for a case dating back in 2011 when he allegedly opened fire on a full taxi bus while drunk. >> a richmond police sergeant is on paid leave after being accused of taking bribes. the times reports the sergeant michael wang is a accused
of firearmless. senators say there is currently no law that defines either. >>> you can make decisions for our future for our children who are living at a hotel in the airport. >>> certain to sink, why we could be seeing more dangerous sink holes like these. >>> but first a violent collision on the caltrans. we'll show you the damage and delays after the accident. >>> wet weather headed our way. i'll pinpoint when and where the rain will start and how it will effect festivities on the bay bridge tomorrow. good. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ >>> caltrain is back on its normal schedule at this hour following an earlier accident on the peninsula. about 6:30 tonight a northbound train struck a car on the tracks at san bruno avenue. f
no law that defines either. >>> you can make decisions for our future for our children who are living at a hotel in the airport. >>> certain to sink, why we could be seeing more dangerous sink holes like these. >>> but first a violent collision on the caltrans. we'll show you the damage >>> caltrain is back on its normal schedule at this hour following an earlier accident on the peninsula. about 6:30 tonight a northbound train struck a car on the tracks at san bruno avenue. fortunately no one was in the car when it was hit and there were no reports of injuries on the train. it's not clear why the car was on the tracks, crews were able to move the car and regular train service was restored about 8:00 this evening. >>> a 17-year-old girl walking along san francisco street was hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver. police have now arrested ki era n brewer. he's accused of hitting chan a junior at lowell high school as she was walking down vale avenue. chang was a member of the trackteam. she was scheduled to compete at her first track meet in a week. >>> a former high school footba
over the hill into san jose and that's where local law enforcement agencies will join the motorcade. our live coverage will begin at 11:00 a.m. at the request of the families. former "american idol" finalist james durbin will be performing one song at the service to honor the officers. we just saw that on the santa cruz police blog website. we do have a call in to the police spokesperson to ask about any more final details. if we hear from them, we'll bring it to you in another update coming up next hour. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. >>> ktvu's coverage of the memorial begins during our morning news at 4:30. it will continue at 11:00 a.m. as the funeral precision makes its way from santa cruz to san jose. the service is scheduled to begin at noon. >>> in the meantime we're learning new details about the man who shot and killed the two santa cruz police officers lost week. investigators say 35-year-old jeremy goulet was moving out of his house when the detectives arrived at his door. goulet had just lost his job at a coffee shop and was getting rid of his bel
. the law would only apply to new gunshots, and comes after many neighbors voiced concern over the opening of the gun shop. one questions why local authorities granted permission for the store to operate before it obtained the federal firearms sales permit. plan needs votes from four five council members in order to pass. >> ahead, the new program making sure that patients don't receive unnecessary medical tests at the doctor's office. >> and now, the dow is down 39 points and still over 14,000 mark. trading is underway and we will go to jane king at the new york stock exchange. but, first, five shootings in four days. a deadly weekend across the bay area has police staying very >> walnut creek, campbell, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> let's check with josh elliott at 6:45 for a look at "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> good morning to the bay area. the stunning story of an 87-year-old woman collapsing at a retirement home and a nurse then refused to give her cpr despite pleas from the 9-1-1 operator. we will explain why the nursemaid the decision she did. that is next on "go
to downtownthe suspect crashed, the victim was rescued and unharmed. law enforcement shot and killed the suspect while trying to arrest him. but >> pam: power knocked out to thousands this morning. into a crash in lafayette kron4's will tran has the latest. >> this 38 year-old man out of san francisco run 2:45 they've spotted the stolen pickup truck at his east belt, highway 24 entered the lafayette street exit. the police officer noticed that he was taking the corner too quickly. after a pursuit, the driver could not make that curve and the slammed into a power pole. it wiped out power at 1800 people. pg&e crews have spent all day for placing this power pole. but all the power should leave restored after piccinni's spend all day and replacing pg&e spend all day restoring that power pole. all the pg&e customers should now have their power restored. >> jacqueline: we will see the increase with clouds. temperatures will be in the 60s. by noon and cooler. from the bay area, some slight chance of sprinkles. but we will not see much chance of rainfall but cooler temperatures the satellite showing hig
pretty much the budget cuts the one area not going to be cut is law maker's salary; right? >> this is interesting. they can't be cut. and you can blame that on the constitution of the united states. you can blame it on speaker john boehner. when he was a freshman and came to congress, one of the things he took up was to breath a life into an old amendment unveiled by james madison. supposed to be part of the bill of rights and you cannot change the pay until the next intervening election. that was put on in the 27th amendment recently. you cannot add or subtract from a member's salary except after the next election. these cuts should impact house members and senators. sorry, it's against the constitution. >> i know this was originally created to be really something the republicans would not want to do. and they are saying 50% of these cuts are coming from the military budget. is that ue? >> that is true, yeah. $42.5 billion from the military. $42.5 from the domestic side. in the end, there's a lot of republicans who simply want to cut the budget and they see this as their
run ins with the law that involve the death and drugs. they're set to be arraigned sometime this week. >> this man, one of three suspects in the sonoma county triple murder is facing the death penalty. off charges against mark ca ppello were filed in sonoma county superior court. this is video of the scene back in february, courtesy of our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. sheriff officials say, that the three men found gun down near sebastopol were victims of a drug deal that went bad. police arrested two other men in connection with the killings. officials say, that odin dwyer could be arraigned thursday. francis dwyer is out of state and is still awaiting extradition. >> venezuela said sixth term president hugo chavez has died. chavis was consider both charismatic and controversy as he nationalized the country's vast oil supplies and many private businesses. it was was caught president george w. bush-" the double " the door in a united nations speech. then as well as foreign minister says, the elections will be called within 30 days to choose a new president. chavez had bee
the memorial service. amtrak, caltrain also serving downtown san jose are offering free travel for law enforcement personnel that might be going to the funerals. a memorial has been growing meanwhile outside the santa cruz police department since the officers were killed more than a week ago. this is a live look at the memorial this morning as members of the department prepare to pay their final respects to their two fellow officers. just an outpouring of support there. and, of course, kpix 5 will have live coverage of today's memorial and that starts today at noon. >>> if you are driving in that area later on today you will want to take alternate routes this morning. that's elizabeth. >> there should be delays on highway 17 with rolling closures as this mile-long procession goes between the santa cruz boardwalk and downtown san jose. they are supposed to leave at 8:45 and get there by 11:00. highway 17 to southbound 85, highway 87 and then exiting at julian street. so let's go to our maps to talk about alternates. unfortunately, there is not a gr
not giving the eulogy and others will do this and i will talk in more general terms about the law enforcement profession and our community and i'll say a few things about the officers themselves. >> reporter: the chief told us there will be law enforcement from all over the state and across the country and there will be a helicopter fly over and santa cruz native james dish bin at the requeses-- durbin at the request of the family. pamela harris and governor jerry brown are all coming to pay respect as well as leon panetta. coming up, we will tell you more about these fallen officers especially one of them and what their special connection was here to the hp pavilion. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> stay with us all day long for special coverage of today's memorial and the procession bring in santa cruz and our public memorial begins at 11:00 with the service then starting at noon. >>> now to developing news in san francisco, 2 overnight stabbings are being investigated and they happened within blocks of each other. two separate investigations are happening, here is march? >
and they take an oath of secrecy. >>> osama bin laden's son-in-law is waking up in new york state he'll appear in a federal courtroom today. sulaiman abu ghaith also an al qaeda spokesman. john miller joins us now. >> it's always good to wake up in new york city if you're not osama bin laden's son-in-law. >> then you'd like to wake up in afghanistan. >> somewhere. >> somewhere, in a cave. is this a big deal? >> it is a big deal on two levels, one from a symbolic sense this was the guy after 9/11 was on television speaking to americans saying that there is a great army massing against you and be prepared for a storm of airplanes. so as one of bin laden's key basically, charlie, public affairs advisers and spokesmen, he was a key propagandaist and voice and had a lot of religious credibility. the other thing is from an intelligence standpoint he knows things how the al qaeda command structure that was in iran for a long time worked and communicated. >> where has he been for the last dozen years? >> with a bunch of al qaeda leaders in iran. that's an interesting question nora
to federal, state, and city law enforcement, governmental and nongovernmental bodies. he has been awarded numerous commendations from chief fred lau, from chief heather fong for outstanding leadership, performance and organizing abilities, has probably enough letters and commendations and awards from the police commission, police captains, asian peace officer association, community organizations to wallpaper his entire house, and we wanted to add to that on the occasion of your retirement. and, so, david, i really want to thank you for everything you have done. and before i would ask our chief to say a few words, i know we have a couple colleagues who also want to add a few words as well. supervisor mar. >> thank you. and thank you, chief suhr and commander beale for being here as well with david chan. victor lim from my office and i have worked very closely with david chan. he's such a great wiseman and mentor. i've learned so much from you. ~ and i know that you're going to continue to work with many of our communities to make them safer and to come up with strategies, how residents wor
to cut congressional pay because of the standoff but none has been passed into law just yet. the average house member and senator now irning $174,000 a year but collectively their staffers poised to lose tens of millions in pay in just the coming months. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the superintendent of yellow stone national park has decided to delay the park's spring opening because of those federal budget cuts that went into effect on friday. the usual openings of park entrance in april and mae will be put off one to two weeks. that's so the government can save money on snow clearing from the park's roads. nearby communities such as wyoming and west yellow stone montana anticipate they will lose money because of the late openings. >>> the budget cuts are reportedly already causing delays at some airports. we went to find out if the bay area is feeling the effects. what we found in just 14 minutes. >>> today vice president joe biden took a strong stand against iran's development of nuclear weapons. the vice president told a powerful pro-iz rail lobbying group that the president is not bluf
of their truck and continued fleeing law enforcement. he then called the shares support is to report the incident. >> the vatican says that the conclave to elect a new pope will likely start next week. the cardinals are expected to vote this afternoon on the start date of the conclave was said that it was " likely " that would choose monday, tuesday or wednesday. the cardinals have been attending pre conclave meetings to discuss the problems of the church and to decide who among them is best suited for the job. >> in world news, osama bin lande's son-in-law pleaded not guilty in new york federal court to conspiracy if to kill americans on september 11th. sulaiman abu ghait, who served as an alcan spokesman says, that he was captured and jordan. the past week and taken to the united states. he was charged in a federal indictment with conspiracy to kill u.s. nationals. >> today is the state fuel for venezuela president hugo chavis. he died earlier this week after a long battle with cancer. more than 30 heads of government, including cuban president's raul castro, a plan to attend. chavez's body me
control laws. >> santa clara sheriff's data collected more than one hon 1100 firearms during this weekend's gun buyback yvette. it was one of the largest cash funded buybacks and the bay area at. in total the bid gave out $150,000 cash to those adjourned at hand guns, guns, rifles and assault weapons. today and on the seven district attorney was so the public what kinds of assault weapons were taken off the streets are the weekend. >> a memorial continues to grow for a teenage girl who was hit and killed by an accused drug drivers and san francisco's sunset district. 17 year-old hanren sachang was crossing slow to boulevard on saturday night when she was struck. weston and numbers as many people are trying to cope with the devastating loss. >> police say the driver of the car did stop at the scene but was arrested on suspicion of the wide. >> we would take a break at fixed well a.m. at age shot from mt. tam. there is some cloud cover out there, temperatures are mild and we're expecting rain as early as tonight. erica will have a full look at your forecast coming up. [ male announcer ] sub
and friends gathered last night saying he had previous run ins with the law for petty theft. police say saturday's shooting began with a chase after he rammed the car into a police cruiser. >> he was being portrayed as violent maniac because at home he was a regular kid brother. bugging he and my kids and playing with us. >> the cell phone video captured the gunshots as the officers fired at the 27-year-old police have yet to find a weapon. >> the sheriff department is notifying neighbors aboutç a h risk sex offender who will live near an elementary school. the 68-year-old served time for sex crimes against children and is being released but cannot find a place to live. two attorneys have offered him a cottage on their property. the cottage is near willow coffee elementary in bay point. a judge agreed to let the defendant live there saying it is better than releasing him as a transient. >> new this morning, the mayors of san francisco, san jose, and santa clara are meeting at the new 49ers stadium site this morning to boost the bay area bid to host the super bowl in 2016. the new sta
to pass vehicles in the motorcade - more than 200 law enforcement vehicles are expected to take part. >> pam: again -- you can watch the service for the murdered santa cruz officers live on kron 4's 24-7 bay area news channel -- comcast 193. it will also be streaming live on our website >> right now - richmond police are on the hunt for a criminal who burglarized an officers home -- killed his puppy -- and poisoned a department k-9. kron 4's justine waldmdan has new details on the disturbing crime. >> reporter: this k-9 is a beloved member of the richmond police department. this is a video showing his recovery after the attack, that almost killed him. >> it seems it was intentional cruelty to the animals bc not necessary to posion the dogs to break in to the house >> reporter: lt. bisa french tells me the officer's 2 year old black lab, named trax did not survive the posioning. on friday, the officer got a call that trax was sick, so he rushed home to take him to the vet. puppy died police say w the officer gone the suspects came back to also poison the k9's food. the k9 w
they are thinking about changing the law so that merchants can start writing tickets what do you think you were sittin here for about 30 minutes just kind of chilling then you deceiced to go for a walk no i actually was going to the bus stop right here to try and finis my reading while i'm waiting on someone.ok that's my story and i'm sticking to it actually im not wanting for someone you caught me on that oh and the woman the black coat .here she is retuning and now is heading into walgreens where she originally parked apparently makes a purchase then proceeds to sit in her suv for another 15 minutes, only to begin wrapping gifts in the parking lot i am hearing reports that some people are even paing in merchants parking lots and then jumping on public transprotation interesting. in berkeley stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to
for law enforcement personnel might be going to the service. >>> meanwhile a memorial has been growing outside the santa cruz police department since the officers were killed more than a week ago. this is a live picture that continues to grow. pictures, flowers, all from folks mourning the loss of the members of the department as they all prepare to pay their final respects to their two fellow officers later today. >>> kpix 5 will have live coverage of today's memorial beginning here on channel 5 at noon. >>> with that funeral procession there are going to be some traffic issues and elizabeth has more with a look at alternate routes. >> yeah. especially along highway 17. that procession the mile long procession is only going 30 to 40 miles per hour and so it's going to last for hours beginning at 8:45 and near the boardwalk and then eventually getting to hp pavilion in downtown san jose by 11 a.m. exiting off the guadalupe parkway at julian. so talking about alternates. the best bet is state route 129 in watsonville. it's a long way to go towards 101
of the firearms cells and of the year. the store owner says the white house push for tighter gun control law more than tripled his business. behind the latest boom is in gun sales are some long-term trends that might surprise you. kron fours grant lodes has details. >> no one seems to agree about the exploration. some researchers say because technology has made police in more effective. others point to the decline in crack cocaine use or the rise of legalized abortions. one gets the credit to leaded gasoline showing that live in the hiring can cause behavioral problems in children-test in the environment. >> whatever the reason americans have noticed the difference in 1994, more than half of america said crime was the country's most important problem now it is less than 2%. >> according to the gallup poll the number one problem for america right now his government function. >> a state lawmaker has introduced legislation aimed at guaranteeing that transgendered students have the right to use public school restroom and participate in sports teams. the measure would give young people the right to pa
for the country. and 34% say the cuts will have a positive impact. >>> a new state law that bans school fees is causing some confusion. that's because it's not really clear where the money for much- needed classroom materials is supposed to be coming from. under the law, students can't be charged fees or be required to bring materials from home. but with little funding schools don't have the money to pay. one bay area teacher has paid for supplies out of pocket. >> i want to make sure that we're giving all the kids at least a chance of having a quality art education so that's why i would pay. >> schools are now looking at creating booster clubs for academic programs as well as sports. >>> a senior home nurse in bakersfield could face criminal charges now for not performing cpr on a dying woman. >> i understand if your boss is telling you, you can't do it. but if there's any -- as a human being, is there anybody that's willing to help this woman and not let her die? >> not at this time. >> they won't touch her at all. >> hard to believe. when a woman collapse
of night life and live music in san francisco while also ensuring compliance with the law and public safety. we will continue to work with stakeholders in the community and with the city departments during the course of this legislation, and i hope to earn your support. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. >> thank you. colleagues, today i'm going to be presenting a resolution authorizing application to the california debt limit allocation committee for a multi-family housing revenue bond for 1100 ocean avenue. this development will add 71 units of affordable housing to our stock in san francisco. and this will kickoff in this work in june of this year. so, the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor yee. supervisor avalos. >> thank you, madam clerk. as we know, it's black history month and i'm delighted today to offer a commendation to a worker in my district. black history month is a great celebration, but we have to do so much more as a city to really support our african-american community. just this last weekend in my district, we lost another african-amer
infectious his brother-in-law, brad montague, decided to put him on video. >> he wakes up, and you ask him, how was your day today, and he'll go, "awesome." we're celebrating everything that happens. we're alive, yes! you know, no matter what. >> reporter: at first, the kid president videos were just for the family. but once montague posted them on line, robby's motivational monologue became an internet sensation and even caught the attention of the real president. >> kid president, looks like you got my message. >> yes, mr. president. i got your message. this is historic. the white house easter egg roll. >> reporter: what do you think when you see yourself? >> i go like, wow. it's amazing. >> reporter: what's amazing about it? >> making the world a better place. >> reporter: proof that even a boy as fragile as this can inspire millions to be strong. ♪ >> everybody just chill out. it's me, kid president. >> reporter: cbs news, henderson, tennessee. >> doesn't he just make you smile? >>> coming up after the local news on "cbs this morning," we are tracking that blizzard t
ammunition. the law would bar anybody from buying hollow point bullets and would require sellers to notify police when anybody in san francisco buys more than 500 rounds of ammunition at the time. buyers could face jail time. >>> americans for responsible solution is encouraging background checks. a group spent 6 figures on that ad and the senate judiciary committee is said to talk about gun control tomorrow. congresswoman gabrielle giffords survived a gunshot wound to the head in january. >>> he is facing a senate vote today and they have a lot of questions for nominee john brennan for the use of drones. they want answers about last year's attack in libya which killed an ambassador and they say the cia keeps giving them different explanations. >>> the president's approval rating dropped to 46% and it was 53% just a week earlier. they failed to reach an agreement which triggered 85 million in spending cuts. >>> jacqueline is life in our washington d.c. newsroom to tell us how passengers will be affected, jacqueline? >> reporter: they say longer lines at international airports are already h
sex offender but is not listed on the megan's law website. police say it's likely because his offenses were minor and about 25% of the state's sex offender don't meet those qualifications to be list the online. >>> a live look outside right now where in just a few hours you'll see a slightly different picture. chief meteorologist paul deanno is using our hi-def doppler to track the rain moving into the bay area. >> it is rainfall, elizabeth. we have some showers moving in and that rain is going to be sticking around for a prolonged period with a chance of rainfall. there's kpix 5 hi-def doppler in wide mode a little tighter you see we're still dry, san francisco south of san jose. but that rainfall is now encroaching on you in mendocino county, ukaih, cloverdale getting light rain in a few minutes, clearlake and healdsburg getting light rain as it works from north to south. first up is a front which will move through tonight giving all of us some much-needed rainfall about a quarter to half inch. but then after the front we're not done becau
the law, and one of the goals
in business, even when they repeatedly break california's pollution laws. >> people inside know that there is extensive pollution that can harm people and they do nothing about it. that is outrageous. >> reporter: stuart black is another deputy director. his investments include royal dutch shell, intel and proctor and gamble. more companies regulated. neither responded to our requests for comments. >> this is the first i've heard that dtsc staffers are invest in this way. >> reporter: the senate majority leader and other state senators are calling for an independent investigation into the dtsc after our first report exposed weaknesses in permitting. >> any time you have regulators who have a direct interest in the industry, that is a conflict of interest. >> reporter: peter keen. >> no one has exposed this kind of conflict of interest until you guys came along and did it. >> should there be legislative oversight in what regulators are allowed to invest in? >> this raises questions that we should look it a. >> reporter: after our first report aired, insiders reported the first re
. they are offering free travel for law enforcement going to the services. and a memorial has been growing outside the santa cruz police department. take a look. officers were killed more than a week ago. this is a live look just an overwhelming amount of support, flowers and pictures out there. the memorial this morning as members of the department prepare to pay their final respects to the two officers. kpix 5 will have live coverage of today's memorial. it all starts today at noon. >>> let's get over to elizabeth in the traffic center with some alternate routes for drivers today. elizabeth. >> some of those alternate routes are going to be busy including highway 9 is going to get jammed up and again they are expecting as anne makovec just said 200 police vehicles to be traveling up highway 17. you can't go around the funeral procession. you can only go behind it. so there will be delays, as well as on downtown streets in san jose and around city treats in santa cruz, as well. so we will talk more about those alternate routes coming up throughout the morning.
he is backing to prevent gun shows at that state-owned venue. he explained how the new law would work. >> so, what this bill does is requires that before the state can contract with any gun show at the palas, that the board is supervisors for the county and board of supervisors of the county of san francisco has v to pass a res thraougz in support of having a gun show here. >> -- resolution in support of having a gun show here. >> it will be high he unlikely. those who support gun shows say it will force buyers on to the black market. >>> the jury in santa clara convicted an engineer of three counts of first-degree murder. the attorney for skwreupbg wa woo says he was insane at the time he killed three extives in november 14th, 2008. he was angry because he had been fired. the same jury must decide if he was criminally insane when he committed the murders. >>> happening now, people in richmond are remembering a young man shot to death monday afternoon in the heart of the city's iron triangle. he was gunned down a couple of blocks from the play lot park where he volunteered every day.
in a single transaction and a crime to sell ammunition designates only to law enforcement or military agencies. oakland i counsel are considering a form of gun control at their meeting tonight. they will discuss banning investments in gun or ammunition manufacturers. the city does not currently have any gun investments but the measure urges oakland police and fire retirement funds to sell off any gun investments they mit have. the ban was approved unanimously by a smaller council committee and now need as vote of the full counsel to pass. right now, breaking news, here is a live picture of the big board where the cow has hit 14,210 and that has surpassed the record level set in 2007 before the great recession. that record close was 14,164, in october 9 of 2007. again, this is the first time since the recession that the dow has climbed back to that level. we doesn't know where it will close but it is rallying at 84 points and we will have jane king, live, from momberg live at the new york stock exchange with a lot more on this develop in the in a few minutes. >> now, three sinkholes in one san
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